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4×4 Adult Quad


Quad is 3000W. 1500 with differential, front and back. Front differential can be disabled so it is only driven by the back wheels. The batteries are 60V/50AH Sealed lead acid.

Adult Quad – Hunter


This quad has 2 x 1500W (3000W),  60V Brushless hub motors in the rear wheels. It is very strong. The batteries are 60V/55AH Sealed lead acid.

Road Runner 2019 – Road Worthy!


Electric, Lithium batteries. Place for 2 batteries. Batteries are remove-able.

The bikes are Road Worthy. Can be registered and used on the road. Valid license required.


Deliveries. For school children and students that needs to travel short distances. Golf car. Security. In and around warehouses. Etc Etc


Teenage Quad


Electric with an  800W Differential motor. Has 60V/20AH Sealed lead acid batteries.