What We Do

Electrical Vehicles

We specialize in electric vehicles.

Want to reduce fuel cost? Want affordable mobility scooters / vehicles? Alternative transport for students? A more affordable golf car? A solution for patrolling / the security industry? Then give us a call so we can discuss your needs!

About us

Our branch opened beginning 2017 and haven’t looked back. We are 1 of 19 branches across the country. We sell an increasing wide range of products, and also provide the service and support for it.

We have the franchise in the Eastern Free State, Reitz/Bethlehem area.



Our mobility scooter/vehicle is an affordable option for people that need to stay mobile. It has more than enough range, speed and ground clearance.

We also have a portable, fold-able mobility available from February 2019!

New Road Runner - Road Worthy!

Our latest upgraded version of the electric bike is now Road Worthy! It is very versatile. Here are a few suggestions for how it can be used: Deliveries, security patrolling, golf car, student transportation, moving around on farms, warehouses etc. The list is almost endless!


For the kids there are small quads, teen age quads, gokarts. All electric.

No noise, no fuel, no more issues with a carburetor!

General Products

We have various products for adults, teenagers and for the little ones. We have an electric pickup / bakkie that will be road legal soon, we have a bike-bakkie that should also be road legal before end of 2019. A 3 wheeler was also introduced recently. It has a lot of torque so works well for golfers that plays on golf courses with steep inclines.